Killer Bee!

I was rushing out of the house. You know how that is, grab this, that, and don't forget the most important thing what ever it may be. That was when I noticed it: The Killer Bee. He was crawling on the window of my enclosed back porch.

Well, I am not intimidated by bugs, rodents or anything of that nature.

So, I decided that the best way to protect my loved ones and myself was to kill it! As I looked around for something to use I found an old issue of the Flame. I rolled it up and positioned myself to bat the bee to death.

As I stood there waiting to get a good hit, I felt the spirit of St. Francis admonishing me "What has brother bee ever done to you?" " Didn't God create all His creatures for a purpose?"

I wasn't deterred! I still stood ready to kill! I didn't want that bee in my house!

But by this time, the bee was behind a picture. I was not daunted; I was poised to wait. So I waited, waited and waited for the bee to reappear. Surely he couldn't stay behind there forever, even though it seemed that way. It wasn't long until I noticed what the picture was. That bee was behind an icon of the Madonna and Child. It slowly occurred to me, that even the bee knew he could find protection behind the Mother of God.

How about us? Do we take the opportunity to seek the protection of the Mother of God?"

I remember when my children were little. When one would chase the other, and the other always found shelter behind me. A great protector! If I am a protector of my children, how much greater is the strength of God's chosen daughter, the one who said "YES".

In this month of the Holy Rosary, pick up a rosary and pray! I invite you to ponder the mysteries of the life of Christ. The prayer and meditations on the life, death, resurrection and anointing of the Holy Spirit may bring you the peace and wisdom you seek to get through the day.

May God bless us in His abundant of love and mercy.