By Walter Zimmerman

Who hasn’t dreamt in their heart about six million inhabitants of the planet in love with Jesus and raising their hands to give him Glory?

This is the call of Jesus Christ: To preach the Gospel to all mankind in every part of the earth. The immediate answer for those who receive Jesus as Lord and Savior of their life is to enliven the work of preaching the gospel to the Church.

In these times, in which humanity groans in pain because of the horrors of indifference, inequality and hopelessness, our Lord tells us in the same words that he says to Moses: “I have heard the clamor of my peoples”. Now more than ever, when there is a suicide every nineteen seconds in Latin America, when just thirty percent of Catholic people go to church, the Lord calls us to stand up and go to the rescue of many desperate hearts.

One important word that Pope John Paul II repeated to us constantly was “TO LIVE IN COMMUNION”. He knew deep in his heart that the mission of Charismatic Reorganization in the church and in the world, was to testify to the resurrection of Jesus Christ with power, from our own Pascal experience.

The word of God tells us in the Acts of the Apostles (4:32-25): “The crowd of believers had just one heart and one soul. Nobody had their own possessions, but they shared everything in common. The Apostles testified with great power to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And all of them were received and recognized by the people. There was nobody among the crowd who was in need, because they sold all their possessions and brought the money and offered it to the Apostles. This money was distributed to each member of the crowd according to their needs.”

Why did the Apostles testify with great power about the resurrection of Jesus Christ? Why did these members sympathize with the crowd? Why was there nobody in need among them?

The answer is clear and strong: Because they had just one heart and one soul. What does it mean? Let’s remember some words from Pope John Paul II: “The unity of all of damaged humanity is the Will of God. That is why God sent his Son, to die and rise again for us, to give his Spirit of love. The night before the sacrifice on the Cross, Jesus himself prays to his Father for his disciples and for the people who will believe in Him to be one thing, a living communion. From this we derive both duty and responsibility before God, before his intention for those who through Baptism become the Body of Christ, a Body which must be achieved completely in communion and reconciliation. How is it possible to be divided if we, through Baptism have been immersed in the death of the Lord, that is to say, in the act itself? In the very core of his Continued from page 1 Son, God has pulled down walls of divisions. Division contradicts the will of Jesus Christ, it is a scandal to the world and damages the call to preach the Gospel to every creature” (Ut Unum Sint, N°6).

The words of the Father reaffirm this. To have one heart and one soul contradicts division, underpins the evangelized and underpins their testimony. The Pope tells the CCR: “The church hopes to obtain from you the mature fruits of communion and compromise” (Rimini, 27 April 2000). “It is in the Church home and school of communion that we must oppose the culture of hatred and revenge, may the groups and communities of the Renewal be significant places and model of brotherhood and love, of patience and reciprocal welcoming.

May the experience of forgiveness and the value given to every spiritual gift help everyone to build a fellowship nourished by the breath of the Spirit of the Risen Lord” (to the CCR of Italy, 28th April 2001).

Without any doubt, these words leave us a great challenge: communion and the ecclesial maturity. Just one heart and one soul mean to be one in Jesus, it means to give life as Jesus gave it to his Church. The body has many parts, but it has just one heart. Can you imagine a body with two hearts pumping blood independent ways? Surely that would kill the body? The body requires just one heart to live. It is the same among us, we have thousand of brothers and sisters in our communities in the whole world and all of us are unique but we do not need to have different hearts. We need to have just one heart in which emanates life. Dear brothers and sisters of the entire world, how can we not transmit the message of the Lord and the words of He who is shepherd and prophet of the whole humanity. We live in communion. We should not waste our time with nonsense, quarrels and divisions. On the contrary, we make a life a true communion so that the fire of Pentecost may burn in all the world.

Reprinted with permission ICCRS May-July 2006