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Did you ever wonder how the Prodigal Son responded to his father’s forgiveness? We know the father celebrated his return, but we have nothing recorded about how the prodigal responded to the forgiveness given him. Come and experience the power of God’s forgiveness in your own life and how forgiveness changes how we interact with the Father.

God promised us he will forgive every sin and forget every sin; then why do we struggle with the sins of our past? What must we do in response to God’s forgiveness and his forgetting our sins? What happens if we cannot forgive the sins people have inflicted upon us?

The woman at the well never asked for forgiveness nor did the woman caught in adultery, yet Jesus restores them. Can we expect that kind of forgiveness if we stand before Jesus?

All these questions and more will be answered during this retreat on October 30th.

Retreat registration fee is $20 (Per Person)

  • Church located at 66 Adalbert St., Berea 44017
  • Doors opening at 8:30 a.m.
  • Retreat starts at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 4:30 p.m
  • Optional 4:30 Vigil Mass at St. Adalbert Church
Lunch will be on your own, restaurant list below

1) Bagley Road – East of I -71, Middleburg Hts.
Bob Evans – 17011 Bagley Rd.

2) Engle Road – West of I- 71, Middleburg Hts.
Penn Station East Coast Subs – 7080 Engle Rd., Ste. A
Blue Jade Asian – 7080 Engle Rd., Ste. B
Zoup – 7080 Engle Rd., Ste. C
Perkins Restaurant and Bakery – 7175 Engle Rd.
Arby’s – 7095 Engle Rd.
Max & Erma’s – 7085 Engle Rd.
Fat Head’s Brewery – 17450 Engle Lake Dr.

3) Bagley Road – West of I -71, Middleburg Hts.
Olive Garden – 17500 Bagley Rd.
Taco Bell – 17565 Bagley Rd.
Five Guys – 17695 Bagley Rd.
Tropical Smoothie Café – 17857 Bagley Rd.
Ihop – 17887 Bagley Rd.
Jersey Mike’s Subs – 17887 Bagley Rd.
Damon’s Grille and Sports Bar – 17887 Bagley Rd.
Chipolte Mexican Grille – 17999 Bagley Rd.
Burger King – 18000 Bagley Rd.
Pizza Hut – 18055 Bagley Rd.
McDonald’s – 18070 Bagley Rd.
Cane’s Chicken Fingers – 18120 Bagley Rd.
Panera Bread – 18324 Bagley Rd.
Little Hong Kong – 18332 Bagley Rd.
Girves Brown Derby – 18332 Bagley Rd.
Aladdin’s Eatery – 18334 Bagley Rd.
Jimmy John’s – 18340 Bagley Rd.
Brew Garden – 18590 Bagley Rd.
Pulp Juice, Wraps – 19089 Bagley Rd.
Firehouse Subs – 19125 Bagley Rd.
Mooya Burgers, Fries, Shakes – 19137 Bagley Rd.
4) Front Street – North of Bagley Road, Berea
The Berea Depot – 30 Depot St.
Grindstone Tap House – 826 Front St.
Berea Smokehouse Barbeque and Grill – 819 N Rocky River Dr.
Donte’s Restaurant and Pizza – 20850 Sheldon Rd., Brook Park
Teamz Restaurant and Bar – from Front St., turn right on Sheldon Rd. travel to 6611 Eastland Rd., Middleburg Hts. 44130

5) Front Street – South of Bagley Road, Berea
Mike’s Bar and Grille – 130 Front St.
Dave’s Cosmic Subs – 118 Front St.
Bar 107 – 107 Front St.
Cornerstone Brewing Company – 58 Front St.
Mr. Hero – 7 W Grand St.
The Campus Grill – 10 Seminary St.
Sweet Mango – 54 Front St.
Café Ah Roma – 38 W Bridge St.

6) Bagley Road – West of Front Street, Berea
Polish Village – 365 Berea St.
Maya Mexican – 368 W Bagley Rd.
Nam Wah Chinese – 392 W Bagley
China House – 420 W Bagley Rd.
Perk-Cup Café – 561 W Bagley Rd.
JoJo Carloni’s Italian Restaurant – 627 W Bagley Rd.
Tony K’s Bar and Grille – 841 W Bagley Rd.
Suds Maguire Bar & Grill – 1274 W Bagley Rd.
Ghost Pepper Taqueria and Tequila – 1282 W Bagley Rd.

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